what i am is what i am and oh!

Living in Bozeman.  In transformation.  

hometown in Austin

Inspired by the art of children, devoted to dance, lazy as heck, sturdy you bet.  Bicycle there, yes please.  Or walk, wow it is really coming down now. Icy snow.  Fat wet manypelleted hail driving straight down hard.  Eyes up to the cloud-covered range, Will I brave cold breeze, clothed to counteract the certain quickstart chill?  Will my warm blood freeze? Is the devil a rhymer, a stingy old nickel-and-dimer?  I don’t know but I conduct my investigation with all the pointedness of an ant.  Ready to carry my seedhead among the chaos.  Climbing over things too big for me to grasp.  Carrying around big things I don’t know how I’ll use.  Moving purposely for the most part.  Often messed up by an overthrow or impersonal kick but I keep marching on, delighted when two by two.  Making piles of useless things if it doesn’t actually become our winter food.  Busy anyway.  Calling out in words the lust for creation, the drive to know and do.

that’s me and as Brett Kavanaugh says, how about you?

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